Comprehensive offer of forwarding services

Our company provides comprehensive domestic transport, including both LTL (partial transport) and FTL (full truckload transport). Thanks to flexible solutions and a modern fleet of vehicles, we guarantee efficiency, punctuality and safe delivery throughout the country. An individual approach to each client is our recipe for satisfaction and repeat cooperation.

We offer professional foreign transport services, supporting both LTL and FTL transport on the international market. Thanks to a wide network of logistics partners, we guarantee safety, punctuality and compliance with international standards.

Partial transport is our specialty, offering flexible solutions for customers sending smaller amounts of goods. We ensure cost optimization, adaptation to the size of the shipment and timely deliveries. Thanks to real-time shipment monitoring, our customers have full control over their cargo, which makes transport effective and predictable.

In the area of full truckload transport, we guarantee speed and efficiency of deliveries. Each vehicle is dedicated to one customer, which shortens transport time and maximizes the use of cargo space. Safety, professionalism and individual routes tailored to customer needs make full truckload transport with us a guarantee of efficiency and timely deliveries.

For customers requiring a specialized approach, we offer non-standard transport. We handle the transport of dangerous goods (ADR), goods subject to declaration (SENT), transport by lift trucks and doppelstock trucks. Safety, punctuality and comprehensive service are our answer to unusual transport challenges.

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