Non-standard transport

Non-standard transport is an area of transport where an individual approach and innovative solutions become crucial. Our company specializes in providing non-standard transportation services, offering clients access to unique logistics solutions that cover various aspects of the transportation of goods requiring special attention.

Our non-standard transport offer includes:

  1. Transport of dangerous goods (ADR): We have experience in the transport of dangerous goods, in accordance with ADR regulations. Our specialists deal with the appropriate security and transport of hazardous substances.
  2. Transport of goods subject to declaration (SENT): We offer transport of goods subject to declaration, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and transport safety.
  3. Transport by vehicles with a lift: We specialize in the transport of goods by vehicles with a lift, which enables easy loading and unloading, especially in the case of loads with non-standard dimensions or special requirements.

Why is it worth choosing our company for non-standard transport?

  • Experience: With over 10 years of experience, we are experts in non-standard transport, which translates into professionalism and efficiency.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our specialists are thoroughly familiar with regulations and standards related to the transportation of non-standard goods, which ensures safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Tailored solutions: Each non-standard transport is a challenge that we treat individually. We tailor our solutions to unique customer needs, providing flexibility and comprehensive service.

Non-standard transport is an area where experience, a modern fleet of vehicles and understanding the unique needs of the client are of key importance. By choosing our company, you choose professionalism, safety and comprehensive service in the field of transport requiring an individual approach.

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